Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Welcome to my new blog...

Hi all and welcome to my new blog!!!

I decided to start over with my scrapbooking blog, but this time in English, so most of my friends can understand what I write... And cause lately English comes easier to me than Spanish!

I haven't been scrapping much as of late, between vacation and other hobbies I've been neglecting my scrap-life, but I've discovered -or actually rediscovered- another hobby: sewing... More specifically, I've been making some outfits for my Barbies, created two characters and also did some other cute crafts for home and friends...

Some of my latest creations:

This was my first attempt at making an OOAK Barbie, I turned my christmas Barbie into Ceridwen Dulciate, the highborn elf/ex-demon familiar, from the Kim Harrison books... I removed the glittery make up, repainted her lips and styled her hair... I also created her dress and jewelry...

This is my take on Jessica Hamby, from True Blood... I made her dress, repainted her lips and added some make-up; curled and styled her hair...

Other crafts included a really cute and girly name sign for my best friend's adorable daughter, a pincushion for my sewing machine and three different Barbie outfits, but I still have the pics for those on my phone, so I'll need to download them first in order to share them with you...

I did manage to finish a few layouts and am currently working on a new one... And I have on my desk the two beautiful kits I bought from Revlie, but I need to get some pics printed for those!!!

All in all, I've managed to keep myself busy with creative stuff almost on a daily basis and that feels great!!!

Hope to see you all often around here, and don't forget to leave a comment, I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv comments!!!!




lolly said...

esta muy lindo !!! me encanto la pelirroja! y el make up de la otra te quedo re bien!!
besotes y suerte con tu nuevo blog.

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